Convenience stores take up less space and have a wide variety of items, making the community more versatile. Many young people and residents of the community bring convenience store culture into their daily routines. As a local business, QuickPlus will adopt an online + offline model to serve users and enhance brand benefits.
About the project
QuickPlus is a convenience store located by the waterfront area in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. The brand launched a series of new products in September 2019 and planned to build an online platform to serve residents in the surrounding communities.
User interview
To facilitate user research and field investigations, the researcher teamed up with 4 customers who come to the store frequently. 

      Jenny, English teacher       Bishop street resident

I go to QuickPlus is because I don't wanna go all the way to superstore to get chips. Especially for a movie night, I just have to go downstairs and get things I want. It is convenient service for the Bishop and Lower Water community.
As a freelancer, I don't really go out that much, but QuickPlus is a place where I visit the most, it's also close to my apartment. When I got busy, I wish somebody could delivery some chocolates and chips to me. This app could be useful for guys like me who doesn't like going outside .

Ben, freelance essay editor, Bishop street resident

    Parker, programmer       Bishop street resident

When I get off work during the day, the first thing I want to do is grab a bag of chips and a bottle of beer and watch a movie. Even QuickPlus is just downstairs, but I still struggle to go out sometimes. I need an app to ask somebody to bring some snacks for me, and I would like to pay the delivery fee. I just need some rest when I finish my work.
I always want to order drinks and snacks from multiple places, but they usually have long lineups, which is frustrating. Picking up or delivering could be an ideal method to get stuff without costing too much time.

            Anne, Finance              Bishop street resident

Workflow of the app
Home page
The purpose of the homepage is to list categorized item information for users directly. The "hero slider" below the search engine is to show all the activities and events for users to access more details, maybe with a chance to get some coupons :)
Plus Code
Users can pay for the order by using their Plus Code. Every purchase gets users more Points base on the price of the order. This page also shows the status of points and purchase history to demonstrate all the activities between users and QuickPlus
Order process

Page - Adding items

Ordering process

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